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Remedies for both carpenter ants and odorous house ants have become much more effective in recent years. Pest Control Northwest studied these advances in depth, waiting to offer services until treatments became available that could meet customer expectations without requiring overtreating the entire home in order to eradicate ants in a single (unknown) area.

Trey can now use these up-to-date, low-impact treatments combined with advanced gel baits to successfully rid your home of these pests. Long term prevention may require periodic retreatments of perimeter areas in order to stop ants from re-entering the structure. Talk to Trey about a plan for your home.

Borate wood preservative treatments are becoming more common in the Northwest, following the great success of this method in the termite-plagued Southeast region of the country. Fungus cannot grow on treated wood, and insects ingesting borate are eliminated.

Moisture ants, on the other hand, should be viewed as our friends, for they tell us about water problems that usually need immediate attention. The ants produce a dark colored sawdust from rotted wood as evidence of a water leak. Without intervention, water fed fungus can cause many thousands of dollars of unseen damage to wood structures. Correcting the problem sooner than later is always the best route. As a licensed contractor, Trey can accomplish any needed repairs.

Pest Control Northwest recommends having Trey inspect your crawl space once a year for any evidence of moisture ant activity or other problems.

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Carpenter Ants

  • Seen in various sizes, generally black, and largest ant to invade homes in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Known to weaken or destroy wood structure by tunneling inside of it.
  • Parent colony with the queen is outside the home, with workers bringing pupae and larvae from the parent colony to populate your home.
  • Fine, light colored sawdust may be seen as evidence of any activity along with occasional ants visible inside.

Odorous House Ants

  • Tiny black ant with distinctive odor when crushed.
  • Normally nest in soil, however will come inside in search of food or water.
  • Usually seen in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Use of household sprays may make the problem worse by causing any colonies to split up and relocate in numerous, separate locations.
  • Only pest management professionals like Trey have access to the most effective treatment materials.
  • Do not cause damage to house structure.

Moisture Ants

  • Honey colored small ants, are slightly larger than odorous house ants.
  • Only seen inside when attracted by odor of rotting wood, wetted by water leaks.
  • Will not damage sound wood, however they serve as positive indicators that water is leaking into a structure. They will leave when no new water is present.

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