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Rodent Abatement

Yes, I'm an expert at it and I’d be very pleased to help with your building demolition or earth works project. In fact, I’m better at this work than anyone I know. That said, you can be confidently assured of making the right decision to request my services. Just call me right now on my cell at (425) 941-5001, and we’ll set a time to analyze the property and begin the process.

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Or.......if you’d like a little more to chew on before you call, I invite you to take an enjoyable few minutes to trace our human journey with rats and cats through the centuries, and then focus on our local Puget Sound experience involving construction and rats. And I’ll close with convincing reasons why Pest Control Northwest is clearly your best choice to perform this vital service for your project.

Rodent Abatement 101

Historically, it’s well recorded that mankind has battled rats and mice since long before the Pharaohs in ancient Egypt, even millennia before that. It would be a reasonable guess I suppose to presume that at one time, only rats and cockroaches inhabited the earth! We’ve trapped them, cohabited with them, poisoned and drowned them, shot, tamed, eaten and maimed them…….and now we’re going to………abate them. That’s it, you read it right. So now the question arises as to how rats came to be discussed in such esoteric terms as………abate, abating, and abatement. Well, congratulations! You’re right again if you deduced that only elite folks at City Hall could have concocted such a term to avoid dealing with the matter head on in plain English……….. they…..want…..rats…..killed.

Human/Rodent Interaction in the Northwest

And it’s not that the rats have had it that easy around here considering the local relocation history as experienced by our notorious native Northwest rats. You see for the longest time, Puget Sound communities focused on building new homes to add to the inventory of existing homes. Industrial areas simply grew in size and existing buildings saw a succession of uses. Of course, there was the Great Seattle Fire downtown, and the Denny Regrade that you can still enjoy today via Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour. Then gradually, in the last four to five decades of the last century, this use pattern began to change.

New manufacturing technology and product demand drove the need for newer buildings; sports facilities, Seattle Center and the Seattle cargo waterfront were built where other buildings once stood…...even the King Dome implosion caused severe neighborhood rat problems. Jack Benaroya super warehouses were erected in industrial areas, and the list goes on to include the towering downtown skyscrapers whose deep excavations put many an underground denizen out of house and home. However, the granddaddy of all rodent displacement projects has to be the building of the I-5 freeway when it leveled square miles worth of Seattle and surrounding community real estate. And lastly, don’t forget to consider business buildings no longer safely usable due to earthquake damage or major fires.

Concurrently on the residential front, as open land grew scarcer and views became dearer, builders sent thousands of rats packing as they cleared steeper slopes covered with jungled undergrowth of Himalayan blackberry and ivy; and those folks with the means exercised the option of either totally renovating or completely removing an older home or multiple homes, in order to provide room for a new, larger residence. This sequence has occurred both in Seattle and many suburban communities all around Seattle, on Mercer Island and the Eastside. And compounding the demolition situation even further, most communities have erected myriads of apartment complexes where once homes formerly stood, and are now leveling homes in order to build new structures at higher housing densities in light of the Growth Management Act.

Rodent Liability Issues

These events have put hundreds of thousands or perhaps millions of rats out on the street……all in search of a new home, often the next closest building they could get in to. So in recognition of and response to this documented mass dispersal, Puget Sound communities have developed municipal codes citing citizens’ responsibilities regarding both the ongoing sheltering of rodents (see Seattle Housing Code, Chapter 10.34 Rodent Control), and the duties not to cause rodent dispersal during building demolition and land clearing projects. In fact, certain codes could easily empower and encourage neighboring property owners to test your financial responsibility for their costs incurred for rodent damage and removal subsequent to your building demolition. Your liability to the neighborhood could easily be many times the cost of having me conduct premium, professional rodent abatement for you prior to demolishing structures on your property.

There are cities today, Kirkland and Shoreline among them, requiring the completion of a rodent baiting program prior to the issuance of specific demolition and earth works permits. Since city laws are continuing to stress the increasing responsibility of property owners regarding the effects of rodents originating from their property, my strongest recommendation is regardless of any local legal mandate regarding rats or the absence thereof, that all demolitions and land clearing/earth works projects be preceded by a professionally conducted rodent abatement program. That way, the professional pest control expert relieves you and your project of the responsibility for your rat liability exposure. And you are being a good neighbor to the community.

Pest Control Northwest - Clearly Exceptional

Importantly, I‘d like to explain clearly differentiating factors about my professional capabilities setting me apart from all other pest control companies in the area concerning rodent abatement, and why Pest Control Northwest is your best choice to support your project.

That fact that I am a practicing General Contractor means I am keenly aware that I am an early, schedule-pacing team member in a long list of trades activities you likely will be involving on your project. All your on-site, near term work tasks such as utilities cutoff, tree removal, sewer cap-off, actual demolition, street permits as required, earth work, surveying and the like all need to be efficiently scheduled in advance by your project manager/general contractor to commence for the most part, immediately following the successful completion of my work. (Note: If initial rodent abatement is not thorough enough, it’s possible to have a building official shut down your project in order to restart another phase of rodent removal, with the cost of project delay far exceeding the low bid cost of mediocre pest control service.) With that in mind, I will be communicating closely with you or your PM/GC about abatement progress and anticipated completion date in order to better facilitate scheduling.

My summary certification statement to your local authorities is your key to securing a demolition/earth works permit and the peace of mind that rodent concerns are most likely not part of your future. While Kirkland’s fifteen days of baiting is the only City mandated minimum baiting period I am aware of, some jurisdictions have no codified minimum at all, instead, leaving important completion decisions that definitely affect your interests, in the hands of the pest control professional. Naturally, severe rodent infestations can present unique challenges, and may, on occasion require a little more time to eradicate. Bottom line: You can trust the decisions I make will protect your interests.

My skill, exercised on your behalf, is in eliminating area rodents as fast and thoroughly as possible through knowledgeable, specific bait formula selection and combinations thereof; a higher concentration of latest technology, strategically placed stations, and the extensive use of baited traps as well. Liquid baits will be employed in specially designed stations to augment block or paste pack baits whenever rodents may be liquid stressed, such as during hot weather or when they have an existing abundant food supply. There are even rodenticide dusts that that are very effective used judiciously in specific circumstances. I have even more innovative trapping tools I can bring to bear as the situation warrants, and I do not hesitate to pursue rats inside the subject building(s) whenever the situation warrants. As you can see, I have a broad arsenal of effective tools that I apply with devastating impact on local rodent (both rat and mice) populations.

All this work is done within EPA safety guidelines governing rodenticide use, and with safety further enhanced through common sense steeped in experience, and the deliberate selection of specific rodenticides having virtually no affect on other wildlife that may subsequently consume treated rodents. And my Bell Labs high tech Evo Protecta Express bait stations are rated EPA Tier I, meeting or exceeding the EPA’s stringent standards and have been proven to be both dog and child tamper-resistant.

You see, I trap and remove larger nuisance wildlife for clients, too, and in those cases my driven, focused objective must be to remove all the offending animals as quickly as possible, by using all the tools and experience savvy available to me. This same mindset and experience is imperative when I’m doing rodent abatement work for you as well. I am at a point in my seasoned career where my complex skill set is perfectly tuned……. and unmatched……. for rodent abatement work.

With over 26 years experience in the pest control and contracting fields, I’ve learned a thing or two about industry norms, and I’ve seen that the capabilities, mindset and level of effort normally expended by average pest control technicians on rodent abatement projects varies little from the ho hum routine followed on their long term monthly maintenance accounts. Your project simply does not have time for ‘long term maintenance’ mentality, and resulting slower paced and potentially questionable results. Expert rodent abatement requires a higher skill level in order to get your project off to a cost-effective, reliable, on time start.

Rodent abatement is not a generic service as some may assume, but a demanding, high skill level, critical first activity upon which all other subsequent activities are schedule dependent. Pest Control Northwest has all the right credentials for this high value, pivotal role.

I write my own website content, I answer the phone, I show up at your project, and after 26 years, I still crawl into yucky places. Can you tell I love what I do? Give me a call right now and we’ll get the ball rolling……….and, sure, evening calls are fine if it makes things easier for you. Again, (425) 941-5001 is my cell. Here’s to a great project! ~ Trey

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